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    Whether you personally want performance improvement, or someone in your organization needs improvement, leadership or executive coaching really is the solution.

    Coaching supplements other methods of leadership development, such as training.

    Coaching is tailored specifically to you as a person, and your organization. Coaching applies to all types of positions: Executives, management, frontline employees, sales, or any position that requires improved leadership performance.

    I help people make vast improvements in leadership skills such as communications, motivation, strategy, executive presence, goal setting, trust building, decision making, public speaking, and time management.

    “My company has just been named one of the top 15 in our industry, and Terry deserves a lot of the credit. He has coached me, and done other consulting for my company, and the results are just amazing. Our customer service performance has increased dramatically, and the employees are taking a new pride in what they do. Working with Terry is the best investment we’ve made.” President, Service Company

    Although a coach often provides instruction and expertise, I believe the coach’s primary role is that of a teacher who uses skillful questioning to lead the person being coached to the right answers.

    An initial consultation determines specific, measurable goals. This involves meeting with the person to be coached, as well as with his or her boss and peers to gather necessary information about current performance, and what areas need improvement.

    “I’m so thankful to have been coached by Terry, because I learned from the best. He showed me how to lead effectively by communicating a consistent message all the time. He also made me aware of my own style, and identified specific steps for capitalizing on my strengths. The results are obvious. We reduced turnover by 50%, our office is more productive, and we’re finally working as a team.” Human Resources Manager, National Professional Services Firm

    The next step includes several one-on-one coaching sessions lasting 60 minutes, and focusing on the areas that need improvements. Progress toward meeting goals is reviewed throughout the process.

    “Terry, you are just a Godsend. Your expertise has helped me do a much better job of managing and leading my employees. Many thanks for helping me improve my overall effectiveness.” President, Professional Services Company

    Coaching is flexible. It can apply to individuals or teams. It can cover everything from communication, to goal setting, to presentation skills. It can occur at your office or mine, on the phone, or even on-line!

    “The insight you provided really helped me with the important presentation I was working on. Your advice really contributed to my presentation’s success.” Project Manager, Engineering Services Company

    Call for more information on how to improve leadership, performance, and profitability—yours, or your organization’s! You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

    For more information on my Coaching services, call me at 856.218.7200, or email me at terry@terrywall.com.


  • "When the best leader's work is done, the people say, "We did it ourselves."

    --- Robert Townsend

  • Testimonials

  • I've successfully worked with Terry in different capacities over the years. As a coach and consultant, he is experienced, thorough, respected, and results-oriented.

    Mel Baiada
    BaseCamp Ventures