• Purpose/Philosophy

    Accelerating Success. That’s my purpose in life—accelerating your success, and in turn, the success of your company. I say your “company,” but depending where you are in the company, I could just as easily say your department or division, or even your small team. That’s because everyone I work with isn’t a company CEO or President. But no matter what type of organization you’re in, or what title you have, I can help you accelerate your success, and the achievement of your goals and dreams.

    Accelerating your success means you’ll achieve your goals and dreams more quickly. It also means serving your customers, and fulfilling your purpose, to the best of your ability.

    My philosophy is pretty straightforward. I believe that Strategy, Teamwork, and Leadership fuel Organizational Performance.

    Today’s complex, competitive world, however, requires more than just any Strategy, any Teamwork, or any Leadership.

    So my Philosophy maintains that the fusion of sound Strategy, true Teamwork, and effective Leadership is what propels organizations to the ascendancy of peak Organizational Performance. These elements come together in a Responsibility-Based Culture, a culture focused on trust and personal responsibility.

    This Philosophy is the foundation for all my services and products.


  • "When the best leader's work is done, the people say, "We did it ourselves."

    --- Robert Townsend

  • Testimonials

  • I've successfully worked with Terry in different capacities over the years. As a coach and consultant, he is experienced, thorough, respected, and results-oriented.

    Mel Baiada
    BaseCamp Ventures